#1653. [Usaco2006 Feb]Backward Digit Sums

内存限制:64 MiB 时间限制:5 Sec


FJ and his cows enjoy playing a mental game. They write down the numbers from 1 to N (1 <= N <= 10) in a certain order and then sum adjacent numbers to produce a new list with one fewer number. They repeat this until only a single number is left. For example, one instance of the game (when N=4) might go like this: 3 1 2 4 4 3 6 7 9 16 Behind FJ's back, the cows have started playing a more difficult game, in which they try to determine the starting sequence from only the final total and the number N. Unfortunately, the game is a bit above FJ's mental arithmetic capabilities. Write a program to help FJ play the game and keep up with the cows.


* Line 1: Two space-separated integers: N and the final sum.


* Line 1: An ordering of the integers 1..N that leads to the given sum. If there are multiple solutions, choose the one that is lexicographically least, i.e., that puts smaller numbers first.




4 16



3 1 2 4


There are other possible sequences, such as 3 2 1 4, but 3 1 2 4
is the lexicographically smallest.